Customize Your News Widget

Get Your Coindoo Latest News Widget

You can customize the widget to fit your website design. The widget is made to take up to 4 latest stories from our website and it's optimized to work on any devices and containers width.

The widget code is a simple HTML / Javascript code that can be embedded anywhere in your page. The code is open source, so you can check its integrity.

Widget Embed Code

<script src=""></script>
   var coindoowidget = coindoo_widget || [];
   var coindoowidget_preferences = {};
   coindoowidget_preferences.background = "transparent";
   coindoowidget_preferences.posts = 3;
   coindoowidget_preferences.radius = 5;
   coindoowidget_preferences.width = 100;
   coindoowidget_preferences.unit = '%';
   coindoowidget_preferences.justify = 'center';
<div id="coindoo_widget"></div>

Widget Live Demo

Widget Json Endpoint
You can create your own widget by simply fetching our latest posts from the endpoint provided above. The feed will offer you up to 10 stories ordered by their posting date.